How to pray that his cry will reach the Lord Jesus.

Prayer is a communion between the Christian and his father, God. It is a vital element in the life of the Christian. Unfortunately, many Christians have misconceptions about the prayer. But one must pray according to the norms to be blessed by God. that Shouldn’t we do it?

1. What prayer is not

  • A magic formula that opens the doors of blessing as do many who recite psalms, prayers already written, so-called prophetic proclamations, …
  • a physical ordeal: some congregations require their faithful to pray with great violent gestures as if they were physically fighting with an invisible enemy. Others believe that by mortifying their prayers will be agreed.  
  • The multiplication of vain words (Matthew 6v7).
  • The imposition of our desires on God: God has no order to receive from us his creatures, we are clay vases in his hands (Roman 9 v20).
  • The respect of the schedule related to possible actions of the demons. (The false prayer doctrine from midnight to four o’clock in the morning).
  • An invocation of angels, biblical characters and so-called saints (Revelation 19 v10).
  • a petition in favour of a dead man. After death comes judgment (Hebrew 9v 27)  
  • This list is not exhaustive. 

2. how to pray? 

Many of these unbiblical practices connect those who adopt them with demons, the world of darkness.

“When you pray, enter your room, close your door, and pray to your Father who is there in the secret place; and your Father, who sees in secret, will return it to you. (Matthew 6v6).

Thus, prayer begins with separation from distraction and escape. Then we must sanctify ourselves, to strip ourselves of all that can hinder the fulfillment of prayer (Isaiah 59 V1-2). Sanctification consists of confessing and abandoning all one’s sins (Proverbs 28v13 , 1 jean1 v9). After this reconciliation with the Lord, we must allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Ghost in order to pray better.  Indeed, the Bible states that “… The Spirit helps us in our weakness, for we do not know what is appropriate for us to ask in our prayers. But the Spirit Himself intercedes with inexpressible sighs... (Romans 8v26). Thus, to be granted our prayers must be in accordance with the word of God and for the glory of God. At this stage, the Holy Ghost can lead us in various forms of prayer: supplication, request, thanksgiving (Philippians 4v6, Ephesians 6v18)…  After that, it is appropriate for the Christian to ask the Lord to speak to him also by marking a moment of silence because prayer is a communion with God.

 3. The man of prayer according to God

One can pray a lot and not be a man of prayer if one prays badly (Jacq 4 v3). The man of prayer is not one who prays a lot or is recognized as such by men. But the man of prayer according to God is the Christian who sanctifies himself (James 5v16b), who knows how to discern God’s needs and executes them (1 Corinthians 10v31, John 21 v18, Exodus 25 v40), the one who seeks the glory of the Lord and who is constantly in communion av ec Lui.  It is this type of Christians that the Lord seeks because he puts God’s needs first. This type of Christian prays constantly because he is in permanent communion with God, in all places and in all circumstances (John 4v23).